Rockwell FV-12 Goshawk


At the end of the 1970s the US Marine Corps began looking for a replacement of the AV-8A Harrier VTOL aircraft then in service.

Rockwell's design with the XFV-12 won against Convair's proposal with the Convair Model 200. The XFV-12A, despite its concept being considered risky compared to that of the Harrier, was selected for development.

The first prototype XFV-12A used a number of components from existing aircraft to accelerate the development. First flight was made in 1978. The first production FV-12Bs Goshawk were delivered to the US Marine Corps in 1981 and in total 320 were delivered.

The FV-12 served in both Gulf wars, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. From 2021 it is scheduled to be replaced by the F-35B.




Last updated: 12/08/2019