About me

My name is Tom, I live in the Netherlands. I've been building models since I was 12 years old. My main areas of interest are the German Luftwaffe 1933 - 1945 and the early jet aircraft that flew all over the world before 1947.

I build both in 1/72 as in 1/48 just as the mood strikes me. I am working on a number of model collections, a series of early jet aircraft in 1/72, a series of Messerschmitt Me-262 models in 1/72, a series of Messerschmitt Me-109 models in 1/72 and a series of Me-109's in foreign colors in 1/48.

Aside from these collections I build models I like to build because I think modeling should be fun above all.

On this page I put a number of photo's of my workspace at home.


My workbench and some display cabinets


More display cabinets


Even more display cabinets


From a different angle


Part of my secret cache


My early jet collection


Last updated: 14/06/2011