Aufkläringsgruppe 212

When the German army came to Iraq in 1941 in support of the coup they heard stories about mages performing all kinds of unimaginable feats which reportedly came from India. One of the stories was about flying carpets powered by a mage.



They mounted an expedition from Iraq, via Persia to the north of India to research these rumours and indeed they found a tribe of mages which could fly on especially prepared carpets. Promising support against the occupying British they managed to convince the tribe to send a number of mages back to Germany to help in the war effort. The mages were formed into Aufklärungsgruppe 212 and were deployed in Africa and on the Eastern front. The carpets proved to be very agile and were almost immune to air attack.



In the beginning however a number of German crew members were lost as they fell of the carpets during violent manoeuvres. In 1943 the mages refused further assistance to Germany and demanded to be taken back to India as the promised support for Indian self-rule did not materialize. Although the Germans did not want to release them, the managed to escape and return home. After the war the British, having heard about the mages, tried to find the tribe However they did not have any success and the stories about flying carpets were classified as rumours.      


Kit: 1/35 Tamiya German Soldiers

Last updated: 26/12/2022