Boulton Paul Trident Mk-I

As Boulton Paul was working on the design of the Defiant turret fighter the company decided to go one step further and create a three turret fighter.
This was called the trident and started as a private venture from the company.
Work was halted in 1940 as the Defiant proved vulnerable to German fighters.

As the Defiant found its purpose as a night fighter the work on the Trident continued however. To speed up the design extensive use was made of Defiant components.
In the spring of 1941 the company proposed the Trident to the RAF as a heavy night fighter.

The RAF was sufficiently intrigued to order two prototypes and the first Trident flew in December 1941 and initial tests proved very successful. The aircraft was faster than the Defiant and although less maneuverable its heavy armament made it a formidable night fighter.

In all 1400 Tridents were produced and the type served as a night fighter until 1944 when it was replaced with the Mosquito.

Last updated: 15/09/2019