Fokker D-23 series 3

In 1940 the Finnish government concluded a deal with the Dutch Fokker company to produce the Fokker D-23 in license. This was even before the first prototype had flown in Holland. The Finnish experiences with the D-21 fighter were however very positive and the Finns also wanted the new two-engined fighter.

A set of drawings was delivered to Finland in April 1940. The planning was that the third Dutch prototype would be exported to Finland as a pattern aircraft for the Finnish production. However the the German invasion of Holland prevented this.

The Finns used the Fokker drawings to produce two prototypes of the D-23. Like the Dutch prototype they were powered by Walter Sagitta engines. The aircraft was found to be severly underpowered however

The Dutch Fokker company has plans to power the D-23 with Daimler Benz or Rolls Royce engined. The Finns tried to acquire Rolls Royce Merling engines for the D-23 but were unsuccesful. In 1942 however they managed to buy 120 DB605 engines from Germany. In september 1942 the first DB605 powered D-23 series 2 was flown and it was found to be an excellent fighter.

Cooling problems with the rear engine lead to modifications, resulting in the series 3. In total 126 aircraft were built of the series 3 model. They were very succesful against the Soviet fighters, scoring many kills.

After the war the D-23 continued in use until 1958.

Last updated: 21/12/2022