Heinkel He-343

The Heinkel He 343 was designed for the Luftwaffe by the German Heinkel aircraft manufacturing company in the beginning of 1944. A total of 20 of these aircraft were ordered. For shortening the development time and for re-use of existing parts, its general design was envisioned along the lines of an enlarged Arado Ar 234. For a choice of engines, the Junkers Jumo 004 and the Heinkel HeS 011 were planned.

The first prototype flew in June 1945 and immediately 200 aircraft were ordered for the Luftwaffe. The He-343 proved to be faster than the Ar-234 and could carry a heavier load. In all 600 He-343 were built for the Luftwaffe but it also served in the air forces of Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria.

From 1952 onwards the He-343 was replaced with the Junkers Ju-688.


Kit: 1/72 Planet resin

Last updated: 27/12/2022