Ilyushin Il-2 TSD  (центральный двигатель - Middle motor)

When the Ilyushin Il-2 was used to repel the German invaders in 1941 in quickly turned out that the accuracy of the attacks was a big problem. A large part of the attacks missed their target. Several proposals were made to improve this. One of the design changes proposed was to move the engine to the middle of the aircraft and the cockpit to the front. This afforded better visibility to the pilot. This variant was called Il-2цд or Il-2 TSD for центральный двигатель or “middle motor”.

A series of prototypes was built at the end of 1941, and they were tested at the front in the winter of 1941/1942. It turned out however that this design change did not markedly improve the accuracy of the attacks. A total of 48 of the Il-2 TSD were built but no further production was undertaken.

After the war, when more powerful engines became available, Ilyushin proposed the Il-20 which featured the engine at the front with the cockpit positioned over the engine. This also was not produced in any numbers.


Kit: Revell 1/48

Last updated: 30/12/2022