Junkers Ju-188W

In 1941 the Heinkel He-115 serving with the Luftwaffe was showing its age. Introduced in 1939 the He-115 was too slow and lightly armed to survive in a hostile environment. The Luftwaffe starting searching for a replacement and the Junkers factory offered to convert the new Ju-188 bomber to a seaplane.

The first Ju-188W flew in January 1942 and a batch of 48 aircraft were ordered, which were delivered from August 1942. Although faster than the He-115, the Ju-188W was still not very high with 412 km/h and the aircraft fared little better than its predecessor. Total production of the Ju-188W was 63 aircraft.


Kit: Italeri 1/72

Last updated: 30/12/2022