Focke Wulf FW-200 KLM 1939

It was 1939 and the world was in turmoil. War was declared and flying became an unpredictable business for KLM: routes were closed and reopened, flights were re-routed and airports were shut down.

After guns had opened fire on a number of KLM aircraft, the airline thought it wise to change their exterior: the aircraft were spray-painted orange from nose to tail and the word 'Holland' was painted on the fuselage in large letters.

So there were orange DC-3s flying around but also the five Focke Wulf FW-200s of the KLM were painted orange. The FW-200s were bought by the KLM in 1938 to serve on the route to Netherlands East Indies.

This is a Whif but it is not completely false. The KLM did consider buying the FW-200 in 1938 but that came to nothing.

Last updated: 02/09/2019