Messerschmitt Me-209 captured in Kent

In May 1944 the RAF first encountered the thus far unknown Me-209 fighter over England. It was a very powerful fighter and proved to be a dangerous adversary.

The allies has little or no knowledge of this aircraft as stories of it's development were thought to be developments of the earlier Me-209 record breaking aircraft. They did not know that this was a completely different aircraft.

In June 1944 the English has a stroke of luck when a Me-209 A-1 made a crash landing in Kent. The aircraft sustained only light damage and a quick effort was made to repair and fly it. In the summer of 1944 several test flights were made, comparing the new fighter against the Spitfire and Mustang.


Model: Airfix Airfield Recovery Set & Huma Me-209, 1/72

Last updated: 18/08/2020