Messerschmitt Me-410 D-5

In 1942 Messerschmitt began a series of designs based on the Me-410B. The C model was meant as a high altitude fighter and featured longer span wings air engines that were contained in a single unit including cooling in a universal mount, which made it easier to equip the aircraft with different types of engines.

The D model was a simpler redesign of the Me-410D which featured the new power plant lay-out but retained the wings of the B model. This did mean that the radiators were removed from the underside of the wings which gave the aircraft a much cleaner wing and less drag.

The first D series aircraft flew in 1944 and a number of variants were produced. The D-5 first flew in 1945 and was a night fighter, equipped with two Junkers Jumo 213 engines and a FuG-240 N5 Berlin Y Radar. Only 63 Me-410 D-5s were built as they were quickly replaced in service by the Me-262B-2 Jet night fighter.

Model: 1/48 Revell Me-410 with engines from a Revell Ta-154


Last updated: 01/01/2023