Focke Wulf Ta-207 Rauber

The development of the Focke Wulf Ta-207 began in 1941 as a FW-190 variant with the more powerful BMW 802 18-cylinder engine. The initial designation was FW-190K. As the design progressed it moved farther away from the FW-190 to become a completely new aircraft. The designation was changed to Ta-207 and the aircraft received the name "Rauber". The Ta-207 entered service in 1943 and proved a big success against the US bombers flying daylight attacks. Especially the performance at greater altitude was a lot better than that of the FW-190. The Ta-207A was powered by the BMW 802B engine, delivering 2.900hp at sea level and 1.800hp at 12km. The Ta-207 was gradually replaced by the Me-262 from 1945 onwards but remained in service with the Luftwaffe until 1949.


Kit: 1/72 Planet resin

Last updated: 21/12/2022