VM Pyörremyrsky (Hurricane)

The design of the Pyörremyrsky was started in 1942 with the aim of creating a fighter aircraft that was at least of the level of the Me-109 but could be built in Finland.

The first flight was early in 1944 and the aircraft proved very manoeuvrable and could out-climb the Me-109G. The Finnish Air Force ordered 120 aircraft and the first were delivered in December 1944. The fighter was very successful against the Soviet fighters in the Spring 1945 offensive and played a big role in attaining air superiority for Finland over the front.

The Pyörremyrsky stayed in service with the Finnish Air Force until 1948 when the last aircraft was replaced by the Pääsky (Swallow) a license built Me-262 jet fighter.

Kit: Omega Models 1/72 resin


Last updated: 13/01/2021