Centauri Aircraft Ca-20 Valkyrie

When in 2019 the Dutch government decided to dramatically increase the size of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and increase the order for the F-35 from 37 to 123 it was realized that a lot of new pilots would be needed. It was clear that the current fleet of 13 Pilatus PC-7 trainers was insufficient to train all new recruits.

The Air Force considered buying additional Pilatus trainers but in the end it was decided to keep the PC-7 ad an advanced trainer and buy a number of new primary training aircraft. After a rigorous selection process the choice fell on the Centauri Aircraft Valkyrie.

The original Ca-50 was a five seat aircraft but for the Dutch Air Force a two seat trainer version was developed and built, the Ca-20. The Dutch Air Force ordered 44 Valkyries, the first of which was delivered in 2020

Last updated: 18/06/2019