Alexeyev WiG Airliners

Emirates A-30-300

The Alexeyev A-30 was used by Emirates for routes in the Gulf and to India. It was a development of the KM or Caspian Sea Monster.
It could carry over 600 passengers and flew with great success for the airline.


A-90-300 Etihad Airways


When Etihad commenced operations in 2003 it searched for aircraft for both the longer as the shorter routes. For destinations in the Gulf the choice was made for the Alexeyev A-90-300.

This was a modernized development of the A-90 which first flew in 1975. This Russian Ekranoplane or ground effect aircraft had a range of 2000km with a cruising speed of 400km/h. Etihad followed the example of Emirates which had been using the larger Alexeyev KM since 1995.

The A-90-300 was used for routed from Abu Dhabi to the Gulf states but also to cities like Karachi.

The A-90-300 could carry 216 passengers.


Last updated: 18/06/2019