Blohm & Voss BV-239

The BV-239 was designed in the early 40's by Blohm & Voss as the P-192. The type was assigned RLM number 239 and began arriving at the front early 1944 as the BV-239A-1.

It replaced the old Ju-87 dive bomber in the anti tank role on the Eastern Front in the Siberian offensive of the Wehrmacht of spring 1945. The pilots were very enthusiastic about their new mounts which were very fast and agile, especially when compared to the slow and cumbersome Ju-87. 

Some problems were encountered with the bearings of the fuselage mounted propeller, which tended to wear out rather quick. The BV-239A-1 was followed by the A-2 and A-3 with varying armament.

The BV-239B appeared in 1946 and was powered by the DB603H engine and was capable of carrying a 1000kg bomb on the fuselage centerline. 

At the end of 1946 the Henschel Hs-132 arrived at the front which was intended to replace the BV-239. This type proved very troublesome however and the BV-239 soldiered on until 1949 in frontline service.


The model

The model is the 1/72 Planet P-192 resin kit. 

For more information on the P-192 see the P-192 entry on Don Johnsons Luft '46 site.


Last updated: 14/03/2009