Junkers Ju-389

In 1943 Junkers started with the design of EF-132 a long range jet bomber. During 1944 and 1945 the design evolved into an aircraft powered by six Jumo 012 jet engines which produced 5.500lb of trust each.

In March 1945 the RLM authorized four prototypes as the Ju-389, the first of which flew in February 1946. The aircraft proved very fast with a maximum speed of 925km/h and had a range of 3500km. The Ju-389A could carry a bomb load of 4.500kg.

After a short trial period Junkers started with the series production. The first operational sortie was flown in December 1946 against the Soviet factories behind the Ural mountains. The Ju-389 was at the heart of the strategic bombing campaign against the Soviet production facilities in 1947 which preceded the 1947 summer offensive.

In 1948 a Ju-389C-2 dropped the first German atomic bomb on the Soviet capital of Magadan, which ended the Soviet resistance.

Last updated: 22/12/2019