Development of the Messerschmitt Me-109 X

After the successful flight of the V-21 prototype with a BMW 139 engine and the two Me-109 X-0 series aircraft with the more powerful BMW 801 radial engine, the RLM gave a production order for a series of 120 Me-109X-1 fighters. These were powered by the BMW 801 C-2 engine.

The aircraft were delivered at the end of 1941 and were soon operational on the eastern front. Performance of the X-1 was good but very much better than the Daimler Benz engined F series that was in service at the time.

In order to improve the performance the X-2 version was designed which featured the BMW 801 D-2 engine which offered more power. Performance was increased marginally and about 250 aircraft of this series were built as fighter-bombers.

As the 109 X series offered no substantial improvement over the Daimler Benz powered version and because supply of the BMW 801 engines was needed for the Focke Wulf FW-190, the development of the X was halted in 1942 and no further aircraft were produced.

The Model

This is the LF Model resin kit in 1/48. Decals are from an Aeromaster decal sheet for the Me-109E


Last updated: 14/03/2009