Red Arrows 1935 - Flying the Hawker Fury Biplane

Everyone knows the Red Arrows display team of the Royal Air Force. Most people think the team was formed in 1965 flying the Folland Gnat jet trainer. This is however not tru.  The Red Arrows were actually formed in 1934 flying the then new Hawker Fury biplane fighter.

The team performed at many airshows during the late thirties flying 12 Hawker Fury fighters in a highly unique bright red scheme. The team was scheduled to perform during the 1940 Olympics in London but the start of the war in 1939 prevented that from taking place.

At the start of hostilities the team was disbanded and the pilots returned to their operational units. Just before the end of the team three Supermarine Spitfires had been delivered for tests with the team. It is said that they were painted in the teams red colour scheme but no pictures exist of this aircraft before they were repainted in standard RAF camouflage.

The model

The model is Airfix 1/48 Fury. Decals come from an Airfix Red Arrows Gnat.

Last updated: 25/09/2009