Boeing F-426 Viper

The Boeing F-426 Viper was the winner of the fighter compitetion of the year 2383 for a new standard fighter for the US Space Force. It won against the compeditor designs from Mikoyan and Supermarine. The main task for this fighter was to form a equal match with the new Messerschmitt Me-5412 fighter that had appeared in space in 2381. The new Messerschmitt fighter was clearly superior to all existing allied fighters and formed the basis of significent Nazi advances on Mars and Titan.

The first Viper was flown in the earth atmosphere for the first time on January 18 2382 and left earth atmossphere for the first time in April of that year.

Top speed proved beyond the ecpectations at 0.23 light and the new anti gravity shields permitted manouvres up to 41g.

The F-426 was armed with two phaser canon and two solid object guns. With this it packed more than twice the punch of the Lockheed F-418 and Mikoyan MiG-177 that preceded it.

The operational debut of the Viper was in May 2384 in the opration to liberate the Jupiter Spce stations. The Viper came as a nasty surpise to the Nazi forces who quickly retreated.


Last updated: 25/09/2014