What-if Messerschmitt Me-109s

Below are a number of What-if Messerschmitt Me-109s. All models shown below have never flown in the colours depicted here.

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The Netherlands Sweden Germany

Landed on Ypenburg airfield on the 10th of May 1940 by its pilot who thought that airfield had been captured. The Dutch hastily overpainted the German markings.

Flown to Sweden by a defecting German pilot in 1945. Test flown by the Swedish Air Force.

Special markings applied to a Luftwaffe Me-109 to commemorate World War One.


West Germany Vichy France Austria

First fighter of the West German Luftwaffe after the war in 1946. Constructed from airframes remanufactured to K-14 standard with DB603L engines.

Delivered from Luftwaffe stock to Vichy France in 1941 to enable the French to engage RAF bombers.

A few airframes delivered in January 1938 just before Austria was annexed by Germany.


Turkey Italy Hungary

Delivered in 1942 to Turkey together with a number of FW-190A. Remained in service with the Turkish Air Force until 1949.

Flown by the Italian co-belligerent Air Force fighting on the Allied side. Soon withdrawn because of numurous cases of the aircraft mistaken for German and ANR 109s

Three 109D airframes were delivered to Hungary in 1938 and painted in the pre-war Hungarian Air Force colours.


Bavaria Ukraine Iraq

Messerschmitt M38 delivered to the Royal Bavarian Air Force and flown in the numurous conflicts between Bavaria and Prussia

Delivered in 1941 to the Ukraine as Air Force component of the Ukrainian Nightingale Battalion Group.

Painted in Iraqi colours in 1941 as part of the Flyer Command Iraq together with a number of Me-110s, Ju-52s and a Ju-90.


Japan Borduria Germany

Floatplane version of the 109 constructed in Japan as a prototype of a floatplane fighter. Abandonned because of bad performance.

Aircraft of the Bordurian Air Force as shown in TinTin and King Ottokar's Sceptre

Me-109X-2 of the German Luftwaffe.


Germany Germany Spain

Messerschmitt Me-155B of the Luftwaffe and used as high altitude fighter in 1944.

Messerschmitt Me-109T-5 of the German Naval Air Force. The T-5 was based on the 109 G-6 but navalized for use on the Graf Zeppelin carrier.

Hispano HA-1509 of the Spanish Air Force. The HA-1509 was a license built Me-509.



Messerschmitt Me-109A-2 of the German Luftwaffe used as a home defence fighter in 1945.

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