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23-06-2019  Junkers Ju-352 Alitalia 
18-06-2019  Centauri Aircraft Ca-20 Valkyrie 
18-06-2019  Alexeyev WiG Airliners 
17-06-2019  Martin Baker Stingray 
19-05-2019  Heinkel He-115L 
30-03-2019  Euro Model Expo
29-11-2018  Junkers Rekord-EF   
25-11-2018  Euro Scale Modelling 2018   
13-11-2018  Scale Model World 2018   
22-10-2018  Scale Model Challenge 2018   

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On these pages I offer you some of my references and modeling projects for your enjoyment. 
My interests are mainly World War II aviation and so-called Luftwaffe 1946 scenario's.

The subjects depicted on this site must not be thought to be an endorsement of the ideas and actions of the Nazi government in WW2 Germany. 
I distance myself from any organization or individual who in any way tries to glorify the Nazi ideology.
They are meant to be a purely academic exercise in the "What might have been" of the military technology had the war lasted longer than it did. 
The alternative histories that are described here are only meant as that and are solely for your and my amusement.


Have fun


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